I have always had a vision to bring the best possible and the most effective care for my clients/patients through combination of orthopedic/medical massage and my latest addition nutrition. I have discovered through my own experiences and extensive research that you can greatly assist your body in your healing process and speed up your recovery and ultimately improve your overall health if you provide dense nutrition food and cleanse your body out toxins. I truly believe that our bodies have their own natural powers to heal themselves if you provide the appropriate tools. I understand how confusing it is for a lot of clients/patients in today’s world to find the answers to live pain free, medication free life, have more energy and sleep better as well as to lose weight easily and most importantly being able to sustain it for life. Most people today live with pain on daily basis or use medication to help with their problems, they go through endless therapies but yet they are still looking for answers. I truly believe that combination of medical massage and nutritional rebalancing and cleaning system you will achieve the best results possible.

My name is Vladka McCalley and I was born and educated in the Czech Republic as a massage and physical therapist. After I graduated from PT school in 1994, I was very fortunate to be hired as a physical therapist/massage therapist in the rehabilitation center with focus on outpatient therapy and athletes rehabilitation and recovery. I was directly working with a lead doctor of Czech Republic Olympic team and I quickly fell in love with my work which became my passion. I always loved working with people, helping them to solve their pains and aches through physical and massage therapy. I was able to learn from some of the lead PT’s on the team and through continuing education I quickly became the lead therapist of our clinic.

In 1999 I had the opportunity to visit USA. Being raised in the communist and social regime, I have always dreamed of freedom and living better life. My intention was to learn english that would assist me in my carrier of physical therapy and open more opportunities for me while I return to Czech. My life though took totally different turn that was totally unexpected. Since then my life journey has become. After my wedding in 2001 we ended up moving from Winter Park Colorado to Bozeman Montana. After extensive research and studying, encouragement and help from my friends I decided to open a massage therapy business in 2003. I have always seen a huge need for specific therapeutic work to assist people with injuries, pain and recovery. I found that physical therapy or chiropractic therapy is far more efficient if clients/patients start with healing their soft tissue first. It became my passion to become a detective in my line of work  to figure out how I can achieve fast but long lasting results. My practice has grown very fast to the point I could not handle the load so I expended in 2004 in to a 3 rooms massage center. I hired other massage therapists and front staff and I became extremely busy with the practice. Continuing learning english, other modalities as well as how to run a business I became extremely consumed to the point I had no life to myself. I loved it, I loved learning and growing with a goal in mind that once I have kids I will be able to stay home part time while earning a full time income. My dream was that I can also travel and visit my family while I am earning income from my practice.

After my two kids were born I realized that I was far from my dream. I was disappointed say the least. But I never gave up looking for an opportunity that would allow me to have it all. I knew that all I have accomplished so far, all I have overcome so far was for a reason. I knew that coming here to USA and staying here was not an accident. All that was preparing me to become a better person, stronger, smarter and more importantly to be open to new possibilities. I decided to become certified in Medical Massage Therapy so I can work directly with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and trainers as I wanted to deliver excellent focused specific therapy to clients/patients and make a difference in their lives that would last for a long time. I wanted to offer something different and I saw a huge need in Bozeman for that. With my physical therapy background I felt like home again, I met awesome teachers that inspired me with their knowledge and I came home with totally different mindset where I want my practice go from there.

I have significantly downsized my practice and started to focus on simplifying my business and life. One of the key points that were stressed in the medical massage class was nutrition and cleansing our bodies out of toxins therefore loosing the deadly visceral fat which greatly assist patients/clients with their pain, inflammation, recovery as well as weight loss. The dots started to connect for me and I knew I have to do my due diligence. I have always wondered why are people so tight, inflamed and health issues are rising up to storms. There does not go a day with out having clients/patients sharing their health struggles, low energy and lack of sleep, not even mention the inability lose weight or living with no pain. Than I found Isagenix, nutritional rebalancing and cleansing system, that allows our body function on its optimal level. I got familiar with TDOS syndrome, Toxicity, Deficiency,Overweight, Stress and how interconnectivity of all four is literally costing us our health. It all started to make a huge sense for me. I found perfect match for my practice. Isagenix is pure organic food, high dense nutrition food, brilliantly put together from best ingredients from all over the world, science backed and clinically proven to work. Before Isagenix I was literally exhausted, depressed in victim mode mom. After few weeks on the products I was amazed how better I felt and I immediately fell in love with the products and I knew I have to share it and incorporate it into my practice.

Before Isagenix I was also very concerned about my financial future. I always knew there must be something better that working at all times. I knew there must be something that could allow me to work less hours, do what I love but yet earn significant income. In Isagenix I found a vehicle for my financial freedom so I can keep doing what I am passionate about , therapeutic/medical massage as long as my body allows me. I can work reasonable hours so I can actually take care of myself and  be the best mom my kids deserve. I can be there for my kids, pick them up from schools, take them to their activities and also travel to see my family when ever I need to. My family means everything in the world to me and there is no day with out me thinking and wishing to be living closer to my home. Now my vision is even bigger. My future is brighter and I am loving life. I love and I am so proud of be a part of JustCleanse team in Bozeman where I found group of passionate people who care about our environment , educating people what is going on with our food and how can we all make a difference in the world. My life has changed 1000%. The personal growth I have experienced ever since has been absolutely amazing. We are group of visionaries who believe how we show up in the world on daily basis matter. We are group of health care professionals, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, gym owners, trainers, business owners, scientists, stay home moms just to name a few who truly believe in freedom which was this country based on!