Therapeutic Massage & Relaxation Pricing:

Every massage session includes the luxury wide heated table with added padding for best comfort as well as aromatherapy essential oils of your choice and hot towels & hot packs to maximize your experience! Refreshments before and after treatments are also available.

Sessions 60 min and up include 5 min for interview and 5 min for redress. Please arrive 10-15 min early before your scheduled time to allow time for paperwork, bathroom and get settled.

30 minute massage$50
60 minute massage$79
90 minute massage$120
120 minute massage$169
Medical Massage Pricing

(Pre-approved medical cases only billed to insurance with valid prescription)

Sessions are billed in 15 min units. Please arrive at least 15 min early to fill out appropriate forms before each visits. If it is your 1st visit, please allow additional time for initial exam and paperwork as well.

30 minutes$80
60 minutes$160

Out of pocket discount if not eligible for a treatment by your insurance provider, therefore not including billing services and treatment soap charts.

30 minutes$50
60 minutes$100

It is recommended like any other therapy to schedule your treatments 2-3 week for several weeks to achieve the desired outcome.

Add On’s

Add to any length of a massage to fit to your personal needs.

Please keep in mind that all add on’s shorten time of your actual massage, so we strongly recommend to schedule more time to achieve desired results.

  • Raindrop Technique … Add $20
  • Hot Stones Massage … Add $20
  • Hot & Cold Stone Massage … Add $25
  • Aromatherapy Foot/Calve Scrub with wrap … Add $12
  • Aromatherapy Hand/Arm Scrub with wrap … Add $12
  • Scalp/Facial Massage … Add $12
  • Deep Abdominal Massage with Castor Oil and Hot Pack … Add $12
  • House Call in the city limits, for current clients only … Add $80

House calls usually take twice much time with set up, driving time from and to the office which reflects the price of a massage. It is recommended to have a group of at least 3 people.

Speciality Massages
  • Prenatal Massage Includes a Body Cushion System for comfort when lying on the stomach … Add $10
  • Basic Detox Massage Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with blend of essential oils customized to your needs.
  • Insurance Medical Massage 15 min … $40
  • Hot&Cold Pack … $15
  • Only pre-approved Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury and Workers Compensation cases. Must have a prescription from a physician.
  • Buy 5 and RECEIVE 5% discount
  • Buy 10 and RECEIVE 10% discount
  • Monthly auto-ship available, 1 year contract, must use a massage monthly, can be combined with family members.