Are you experiencing?
  • Toxic build-up, edema and fluid retention (puffy ankles, legs, eyes, bloating)
  • Cellulite and excess weight
  • Constipation and other digestive disorders
  • Chronic fatigue, migraine, sinus, hay fever
  • Acne, Rosacea and other skin condition, scar tissue (old and new)
  • Stress, anxiety, tension
  • Recurring infections (colds, flu, ear, chest)
  • Pre and post operative cases (cosmetic surgery, cancer or where lymph nodes have been removed or the lymphatic system impaired in some way)
What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is an advanced therapy in which the practitioner uses a range of specialized and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to move the skin in the direction of the lymph flow. This stimulates the lymphatic vessels that carry substances vital to the defense of the body, and removes waste products.
The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our body’s ability to operate at peak performance. This system drains fluids, detoxified and regenerates tissues, filters out toxins and foreign substances and helps us maintain a healthy immune system. If lymph circulation stagnates however, toxins accumulate and compromise cellular functioning, which opens to physical ailments.

What are the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)?

The benefits of Lymphatic drainage (LD) are considerable and are relevant in today’s environment where pollution, stress and deficient immune system make many people susceptible to contagious disease and viral infections.

The lymphatic system (LS) plays a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system. When the LS become blocked, lymphatic fluid builds up and stagnates causing the entire system to become toxic. LD clears blockages, eliminates metabolic wastes and toxins from the body, and transports nutrients to cells and increases metabolic efficiency, all adding to the reduction of excess fluid and assisting weight reduction. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps relieve stress and tension. LD is also a very successful beauty treatment for the face, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing puffiness. It helps rejuvenate collagen fibers and slow down the aging process.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is an original hands-on method of lymphatic drainage developed by Bruno Chikly, MD, of France. Created out of his award-winning research on the lymphatic system, LDT takes traditional lymph drainage techniques and adds a level of precision consistent with recent scientific discoveries.
Using exacting anatomical science and distinctive manual processes, LDT enables practitioners to detect the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body. From there they can use their hands to perform Manual Lymphatic Mapping (MLM) of the vessels to assess overall circulation and determine the best alternate pathways for draining body-fluid stagnations.

Therapists work with flat hands, using all the fingers to simulate gentle, specific wave-like movements. These subtle manual maneuvers activate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation as well as stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.